Arm The Animals

Arm The Animals was born from tragedy in 2010 as an attempt to express the inexpressible. Created following the untimely death of our founders sister who was a lifelong animal advocate and “pet parent” to a dozen rescues, Arm The Animals would serve as a living tribute and means of carrying on a legacy that was ended too soon. 

Over the past 8+ years, ATA has worked with 150+ animal welfare organizations providing donation funds, supplying low-cost website development, graphics and marketing services in order to help other organizations increase their impact.

ATA is the epitome of a "Mom & Pop" business; everything is done by hand with a small, dedicated team that loves what they do. The company runs like a family business and strives to make a work environment where everyone is happy, stable and motivated. 

The company founders believe ALL animal welfare organizations are ultimately striving toward the same goal, so providing assistance to them can do nothing but more good. 

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