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Digestion + Bloating: Organic Premium Mint Water Distillate

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Highly Effective & Delicious Mint Distillate comes directly from Organic Mint Leaves, that are grown in the original soil that has been growing for hundreds of years. Mint is used for Stomach Bloating Relief, Improving Digestion, Boosting Mental Alertness, Hydrating your body and of course, Freshening your breath! Health Benefits ★ Aids in Digestion ★ Bloating & Stomach Cramp Relief ★ Reduce Nausea ★ Excellent for Hydration ★ Increase Mental Alertness Flavor: Delicious Mint Ingredients: 100% Organic & Natural Distillate of Mint Leaves. Dosage: 2- 3 tablespoons per day. Can be added to Water, Tea, Coffee, Milk or Smoothie. Storage: When opened, keep refrigerated. Lasts up to 3 months after opening. Not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.    EU Certified Organic

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