Zen Nomad

You are being the best you everyday and Zen Nomad wants to support you in that.
It is our goal to design pieces that blend into your everyday life, and you'll soon see (and feel!) that our pieces are simply so luxurious and so comfortable, that you will wear them all the time. You will find them effortless to wear.

"Grace Happens:
That's what I feel like when I'm in this piece (& many others in the Zen Nomad family).
And like my body is honored. "

For us, luxury and sustainability coexist. You consider your choices in life and we consider each and every choice we make in designing Zen Nomad. We design and manufacture each and every piece locally, in Toronto. We're committed to using sustainably sourced, high quality fabrics with low impact dyes that are the perfect counterpoint to your busy days. Every creation is made to help you move through your day with ease, comfort and style. Our designs are meant to be layered, and worn wherever, whenever.

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