Drizzle Honey

Cacao Luxe Superfood Honey – 350 g (12 oz)

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Upgrade your morning espresso, indulge by the spoonful, or elevate a simple cake into something unforgettable with Drizzle Cacao Luxe. Cacao Luxe is our Mood & Energy Boost Blend from our Superfood Honey Collection. Ingredients: raw drizzle honey, organic raw cacao (fair trade), organic ceylon (true) cinnamon, organic lucuma, natural Madagascar vanilla extract. Delicious ways to enjoy Cacao Luxe: mix into coffee and espresso-based beverages, use as a chocolate milk base, dip your fruit into the jar, use in granola bars and balls, elevate a simple cake by adding into a batter or using as an icing, drizzle onto porridge, blend into banana-cacao smoothies, use to make an incredible Mexican mole sauce, etc. The possibilities are endless! Drizzle Cacao Luxe is part of our Superfood Honey Collection, and as always is bee-friendly, completely raw, 100% Canadian, health conscious and superfood powered! Drizzle is a Certified B Corporation and female founded, owned and run. 350 g (12 oz)