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Daily Mesh Sponge

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With the Daily Mesh Sponge Daily Concepts delivers a luxurious sensorial experience, for the bath or the shower, with subtle notes of lavender and vanilla that wrap your body in a gentle and pampering embrace. The Daily Mesh Sponge creates a rich, soft lather with only a small amount of soap or shower gel. Ideal for those who love a gentler and softer cleansing experience, leaving the skin supple and clean. Organic, Vegan and now Biodegradable thanks to the EcoLogic technology that enhances the biodegradation of the fibers in microbe-rich landfills. Texture: Gentle (For sensitive/all skin types) What We Love About The Daily Mesh Sponge: Luxurious sensorial experience with tones of vanilla and lavender Smart Label technology with indicator that fades when it’s time to replace the Daily Mesh Sponge Clinically, allergy and dermatologist tested Organic, vegan, bio-degradable, never tested on animals