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Dirty Hipster No. 4 Natural Shampoo 350 ml

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EARTHY, DEEP & CLEANSING. You liked that band before they sold out. At the farmers market, you bought sauerkraut. Wearing a toque in the middle of summer. Rolled your eyes at that boomer, driving a hummer. SCENT: PATCHOULI MINT COCOA VETIVER SHAMPOO WITH BENEFITS: Shampoo | Body Wash | Bubble Bath Formulated to be used as a pair with Dirty Hipster Conditioner. COLOUR SAFE | BOTANICALS | VEGAN | REFILLABLE | NO SLS OR PARABENS NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCE Made with 100% natural and wholesome ingredients, this shampoo is sure to cleanse your locks while also delivering key nutrients. Natural, sustainable, and paraben free. Other key ingredients: Hydrolyzed Adansonia Digitata Seed Protein: Anti-aging protein from the Baobab Tree, providing superior damage recovery, intense protection from UV stress and heat. Vegetable Based Keratin: Mimics the functional ratios of amino acids in human hair and more sustainable than animal-driven keratin. Increases hair strength, elasticity... cont.