Mala Necklace

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Our Original Signature Mala; Simplistic & Stretchy!

- Graywood (gray wood base): from the Kulalom tree, a natural wood and colour, calming, soothing
- Rosewood (natural wood base): a natural wood and colour, calming, soothing
- Lava (black round bead base): Strength, Power, Grounding, Connection to Mother Earth
- Rudraksha (textured round bead): seeds from tree grown in India and East Asia, represent spiritual enlightenment and balance of mind, body and soul.

- Whitewood (white natural wood base): Grounding material for stability, joy, positivity and relaxation.

Stones are limited edition and vary in shapes and colouring.

- Aquamarine (blue oval or irregular faceted and smooth irregular): Harmony, Courage, Happiness, Connection to the Sea
- Amethyst (light to dark purples): Wisdom, Spirituality, Protection, Inspiration, Inner Peace
- Citrine (yellow): Creativity, Imagination, Will, Manifestation, Success
- Moonstone (milky white faceted irregular and ovals): Optimism, Vitality, Inner Peace, Joy
- Prehnite (lighter green faceted irregular and ovals) : Inner Peace, Union of the Heart & Will
- Rose Quartz (light pink faceted irregular and ovals) : Love, gentleness, Emotional Healing



Mala Necklace
Mala Necklace