Moustache & Beard Balm

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Natural scent, no added fragrance
2 oz

Lock in moisture and condition your skin and hair with Mustache & Beard Balm. This balm has the same nourishing botanicals as Mustache & Beard Oil,* but also contains shea butter and yellow beeswax to keep your whiskers under control. Take a pea-sized amount of balm (more for epic beards) and warm it between your hands to soften; then, massage it thoroughly through your hair from root to tip. For the best coverage and luster, use a 100% boar bristle brush to energize your skin and distribute the balm evenly.

Shea butter, beeswax, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, kukui nut oil, tamanu oil, pomegranate seed oil, vitamin E.

*Use Mustache and Beard Oil on days you’re feeling light and free. Beard Balm is for staying in line.

The natural scent of these pure botanicals does not linger. Can’t say the same for admirers of your beaming bristles.

Made in the USA.