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NEW! Wallflower 10 oz Elevated Candle

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TOBACCO & PEONY 10 OZ ELEVATED CANDLE Wallflower’s scent of Tobacco and Peony, when blended together, have a stark sweetness entangled in richness and warmth. The woody dryness of the tobacco is cut perfectly with the sweet and rosy peony. When the two juxtaposed scents blend, they create a blissful harmony that walks the tightrope between the two opposites. Unlike the name suggests, Wallflower was created to be the centre of attention in any space. - $1 from every candle sold supports the hiring of people with disabilities in Canada - Crackling wooden wick - Plant based coconut soy wax - Scented with a blend of premium phthalate free fragrance oils and plant derived essential oils. - 50-55 hour burn time with proper wick trimming - Hand-poured in sunny Calgary