Peak Bloom, a powerful antioxidant rich acne clearing mask.

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Trade skin woes for skin that glows. ✨ Peak Bloom is a multi-masking mask to take your skin from hibernation to hydration. Carefully formulated to restore, balance, and brighten your skin with results within minutes. WHAT IT DOES: This powerful skincare formula exfoliates while delivering the key nutrients to promote youthful, soft, and brighter skin. If you struggle with hormonal acne, typically triggered by inflammatory foods (ie: dairy, gluten, sugar, alcohol), Peak Bloom is your skin's new bestie. Curated with ingredients used for thousands of years in Japan to promote softening, brightening, while reducing unevenness and inflammation. WHAT'S IN IT? Rose for its aromatherapy benefits, Hibiscus to reduce inflammation, Schisandra Berry to restore elasticity, Goji Berry for its antioxidant benefits, Marshmallow extract to soothe irritation and the highly detoxifying content of Pink Rose Clay and Kaolin Clay. WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THE SET? 1 x Peak Bloom Mask, 1 x Brush