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Serenity Now Mist

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This spa-like blend includes serene lavender, bergamot, and rose; it is fresh, floral, and herbal, to invoke a sense of peace. Naturally, deodorize and scent just about anything. Will not stain fabrics. 100% natural ingredients. -mist in front of yourself and walk into the aroma to uplift and refresh for a quick, deodorizing pick me up. -spray on your yoga mat to kill bacteria and refresh. -mist your bed before you make it in the morning to deodorize and refresh, enjoy the deliciously soothing aroma when you hop in at night. -use it to combat odors: baby's room, bathroom, car, etc. 118 ml recyclable plastic bottle. Note: essential oils are beautiful but powerful. Always spray lightly and patch test before using directly on the skin.