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Shampoo + Body Wash

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This probiotic infused Shampoo will leave your hair, body and scalp clean and hydrated. Made with soothing ingredients that are gentle on the hair and body. Our rich lathering shampoo will be sure to please. 

Have you heard of pre-washing your hair? Natural shampoos are known for not having as much "lather" and we've made it so you can feel all the big lather you need. By pre-washing your hair with a nickel to quarter sized amount of shampoo, you're going to get all the build up of product use (dry shampoo, hairspray, etc.) out before you do a full wash. This will leave your hair looking and feeling its very best. On your pre-wash you won't see lather, you're going to focus on the roots only for this step. give the roots a deep scrub and rinse as normal. Now follow with your regular sized amount of shampoo and do a full wash. This wash will create a lot of lather now that all the build up is moved out, and will leave your hair feeling really clean. This also helps not to waste shampoo. Follow with our hydrating conditioner and your hair will feel the best it's ever felt. 

Kids love the vibrant and delicious combination of the Orange & Vanilla, making bath/shower time extra fun.

Our Tea Tree & Lavender blend was formulated to help prevent head lice when our little loves are off to school. 

Our peppermint is a great blend for anyone wanting an invigorating and refreshing wake up with a mild tingle on the scalp. 

Our Unscented is free of all Essential Oils and made for anyone with sensitivities or for a newborn baby. 

Our Lavender & Vanilla is a soft, warm scent and is perfect for anyone, any age, including babies. 

Shampoo + Body Wash
Shampoo + Body Wash