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Smudge Mist

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A blend of pure, cleansing essential oils featuring sage and evergreen with hints of traditional ceremonial herbs and smoky cedarwood, blended with our wild-harvested desert sage absolute. Long revered as the most powerful cleansing herb, sage is traditionally burned in a ceremony to help dispel negative energies within and without. You may use this mist in the same way, as a smokeless alternative. Sage has a very earthy yet fresh aroma with effective anti-bacterial qualities which makes it suitable as a body mist as well as for the atmosphere. Perfect for cleansing, refreshing, and as a quick little bit of grounding magic any time you need it. May be used any time, anywhere. Naturally, deodorize and scent just about anything. Will not stain fabrics. 100% natural. -mist in front of yourself and walk into the aroma to uplift and refresh for a quick, deodorizing pick me up. -spray on your yoga mat to kill bacteria and refresh.