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The Class 50g Deo Stick

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Your favourite transformative, mind + body, heart clearing work out and your favourite life changing deodorant (A.K.A. pheromone enhancer) have collaborated. Naturally, it made scents. SCENT: ORRIS JASMINE TONKA AMYRIS FUNCTION: Eliminate odour while maintaining skin's healthy balance. In stick format for on the go-getters. SCENT PROFILE: Our magnum opus. Bold with a gentle finish. Modern sensibility with hints of ancient wisdom. Tonka bean as the top note lends a slightly sweet, energetic aroma. Amyris in the middle for a deep, sultry smokiness along with ambrette seed diffusing a gentle (plant based) musk. We round The Class off with the aromatic and wise incense-like scents of sandalwood and precious orris root. PREDOMINANT SCENT: Tonka, Amyris, Ambrette, and Precious Orris Root See our website for more information and ingredients.