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The Curator Natural Conditioner 350 ml

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BOTANIC, AROMATIC & HYDRATING. EUCALYPTUS, GERANIUM, BLACK SPRUCE & COCOA is your scent story and the main character is your savvy hair. This life-changing formula is for all hair types: curly, straight, wavy, oily, dry or processed & leaves you smelling protagonistic af. Have effortlessly hydrated hair that is detangled, shiny & healthy without synthetic fragrances. MADE IN OUR NEIGHBOURHOOD. These flasks are crafted, then printed by local artisans, filled at our friendly neighbourhood lab, then shipped from Routine HQ. All within a 5km radius in the Canadian Rockies. CONDITIONER, HAIR MASQUE, LEAVE-IN & SHAVING BALM. Formulated as conditioner with benefits & to be used as a pair with The Curator Shampoo. COLOUR SAFE | BOTANICALS | VEGAN | REFILLABLE | NO SLS OR PARABENS NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCE Made with 100% natural and wholesome ingredients, this shampoo is sure to cleanse your locks while also delivering key nutrients. Natural, sustainable, and paraben free... cont.