The Wildflowers Candle

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The Wildflowers - Aromatic Candle

A soft floral bouquet in honour of the west coast’s queen of the wildflowers, Nootka Rose. Our one of a kind blend is sure to be a new favourite! 

You Belong Amoung The Wildflowers…

Aromatic Notes 

    •    Nootka Rose
    •    White Clover
    •    Cedar wood
    •    Yarrow
    •    Bayberry

All our candles are designed to be used for massage or as a nourishing treatment for very dry skin. Allow your candle to melt down, test temperature to insure safety and simply pour into palms and massage into skin.

11 oz signature etched candle in our original purifying scent.
Our candles are handmade using traditional methods and eco conscious ingredients.
​ *proudly crafted with locally wild foraged ingredients: bayberry, yarrow,
white clover, nootka rose.

Eco Soy, Coconut Wax & Natural oils.
Vegan friendly. Reusable glassware. Plastic free.
Handcrafted on Vancouver Island.