Concrete Tilt Upright Incense Burner - Light Grey

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Our concrete tilt upright incense burner/holder is designed with detailed angled alignment to catch burning ash and finished with a clean cork base. Works best with incense with a wood starter (Indian style). Recommended brand pairings include Ritual incense, PF Candle Co (stick incense), Yield Design **Incense not included. Hand-poured + found(ed) by the sea. Each piece is designed, hand-poured, and produced individually in our studio located in SLO, CA. We believe in simple, well-crafted goods that start with paper and pencil. A small variation in color and surface is a natural and unique characteristic of our hand-poured line. Dimensions: 4.2 inches in diameter. Color - Light Grey. Hand-poured Concrete. Care instruction - Wipe clean with a dry cloth. Size: o/s.