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Dirty Hipster No. 4 350ml Botanic Body Cream

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Texture, scent, and style - the best your skin has ever felt. This dreamy, creamy, botanic formula does all the good things: hydrates, repairs, protects, and leaves you smelling how you want to. EARTHY, DEEP & LAIDBACK. Patchouli, Mint, Cocoa & Vetiver BOTANICALS | NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCE | VEGAN | CLINICALLY TESTED THE 3 DIRTY HIPSTERS We made three versions of Dirty Hipster because the aromatic foundation (Patchouli) needs a unique combination of scents to suit the needs of each individual creation. No. 1 Patchouli, Patchouley & Patchoulé Deodorant Jar | Deodorant Stick No. 3 Patchouli, Amyris, Tobacco & Ginger Candle | Bar Soap No. 4 Patchouli, Mint, Cocoa & Vetiver Shampoo | Conditioner | Dream Cream | Body Oil Serum HANDS | BODY | SIGNATURE SCENT Massage liberally onto hands and body any time you need to nourish your skin, especially after washing your hands, showering, or spending time in the sun. Tested on human friends.